An Incredibly Unique Smart Phone | Nokia’s Prism

Nokia Prism Concept Is One Crazy Looking Phone

Nokia Prism in Hand

Okay, so let’s be real for a moment. When’s the last time you actually owned a Nokia phone? It’s been at least 15 years for me, my very first cellphone (if you had a cellphone in 2000, you were super cool) was a Nokia. Some of you know the one I’m talking about, weighed about 1 lb, had an lcd display and came with the game Snake. Mobile phones have come a long way since then and have pretty much evolved into hand held computers capable of running our daily lives. Nokia had a pretty big role in pioneering that movement in the early days and helped shaped the mobile tech landscape today.

So I find it interesting that Nokia could be possibly trying to test the frontier again by going all out on a completely bizarre unit called the Prism. Now, there has been no official word on if Prism has actually been commissioned by Nokia (would be interesting, though). The concept phone was created by Vasilii Sychev and it is certainly interesting to look at. A few questions come to my mind when looking at the concept art below. For example, how do you carry it with you? That things not fitting in your pocket easily. How in the world does the UI work?

I’d actually like to see this thing get a prototype just to see how it would work. You would definitely turn a few heads if you pulled that thing out at your morning Starbucks stop. I’m just not sure you’d actually being doing anything with it.

Nokia Prism back view

Nokia prism side view

Nokia prism video

Like I said, it’s an interesting concept. I’m just not sold on how functional it would be. Could you imagine trying to frame a subject using the camera on this thing? What are your thoughts? I’d love to your opinions about it, leave a comment below!!!

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