HoloLens + Minecraft = Awesome

Minecraft On HoloLens

The E3 convention is not disappointing this year. With a slew of major titles being announced, console updates (backwards compatibility, yay!) and more, the convention this year is proving to be awesome.

Microsoft added to that awesomeness with it’s recent press conference showcasing a Minecraft demonstration on the coveted HoloLens. The demo starts with real time game play being displayed on a wall, but quickly transfers to the top of a table. The in game footage was captured by a specially fitted camera that fed the game play onto large monitors above the stage.

It was pretty amazing watching the user be able to peer through walls and move around with real movements. The Hololens provided some cool hand and voice activated controls.

Mojang’s Brand Director, Lydia Winters walks us through the features of Minecraft on HoloLens in the video below:

Lydia Winters hinted at more in depth reveal at the upcoming Minecon. I can’t wait to get more information on this sweet set-up!┬áCan you imagine playing a strategy game on this? If any one at Microsoft is listening, please make an Age of Empires for the HoloLens!

What games would you like to see on the HoloLens? Do you think this peripheral has a real place in gaming? Leave your comments below!

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