This Chip Will Self Destruct In 5…

Self Destructing Chip

This piece of tech is pretty cool and could possibly hold some significance in future security and military applications. The scientists over at Xerox PARC have developed a self-destructing chip that can be triggered via laser, mechanical switch, or even radio waves.

Scientists constructed the chip on Gorilla Glass, the same material millions of you touch everyday when you are swiping your smart phones. According to PARC scientist Gregory Whiting (as told to PC World), the Gorilla Glass is tempered using ion-exchange heating methods to induce stress into the material. This causes the material to fragment into tiny pieces that are beyond reconstruction when the material is triggered.

I can think of several uses for a technology like this including storing encryption keys or mission sensitive or operational sensitive data (think Drone) that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

I’m curious as to how durable the material is in such a fragile state and how the chip could be implemented in a real world application without accidental self-destruction from a real world environment.

PARC scientists demonstrated the self-destructing chip during a recent DARPA Wait, What? meeting in St. Louis. The video below shows the glass chip fragmenting into tiny pieces upon being triggered via laser. It may be a while before this finds a real world application, however watching objects explode into thousands of pieces is always entertaining…



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