Sell Your Products Easier On Twitter

Twitter is launching new features today that look to improve the social media platform’s presence in the online shopping realm.

Twitter Product Page Example

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The first of these features Twitter is calling “Product Pages” and as you can imagine they will function somewhat like an online product page. These pages will feature product images and videos along with product details, pricing, and even product reviews. The product page will also include tweets about the product and in some cases, *even include a “Buy On Twitter” button.

*Retailers will have two options for selling products on twitter:

  1. Selling directly on the platform
  2. Redirecting users to actual product page on Retailer’s website

The Collection Page

The other feature Twitter is rolling out is the Collection Page. Twitter is giving users (Brands being a good fit for this one) the ability to create their own custom Twitter Page featuring just their “collected” content. This content will range from products to tips and recommendations. You can view a collection by visiting the curators main Twitter page and clicking on the “Browse Collections” button. Collections can also be embedded similar to how you embed a timeline widget.

Here is a list of current curators of  Twitter collection pages:

It’s no small secret that Twitter has been going through a rough patch, with declining profits and the recent loss of CEO Dick Costolo. These new features are just what the platform needs to increase revenue.

What are your thought’s on Twitter expanding its reach to e-commerce?


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